Monthly Archives: June 2010

Leap Media

Leap Media are a new customer.  They obviously are keen to work ethically and have links with the National Trust.

A few weeks ago they needed some apronsmade with fairtrade certified cotton.  Urgently.  We were able to supply them with our unbleached, natural aprons.  Their customer the National Trust were pleased – and so were we.  Here they are!

Fairtrade cotton aprons - National Trust

Now Leap Media are back wanted fairtrade certified cotton t shirts. Urgently.  Well the more people make this choice the better so I am delighted, plus they are a pleasure to work with.

It’s the week end aftfer a good week.

 Happy days.


Every now and again I get a bit wobbly.  As I did last night.  I have purchased morestock of Fairtrade and organic garments to extend our range – and then I think……..have I done the right thing?  Arethere enough people out there who will be committed enough to purchase it?  Are there schools who will want school uniform made with Fairtrade certified cotton.  Slight panic on my part.  When ever I read about other people in business they always seems so certain.  I wish I was more like that.  So I have to spend some time in thought and think again of the things I am certain of.  Well……..

  • I am certain that trying to trade more fairly is the way I want to work
  • I love the idea of trying to think of the human race rather that just humans in the UK
  • I am in certain that there are lots of other people who have similar thoughts
  • I do think that we need to care for our planet and realise that we need to give as well as take

Once I have written this it helps me to clarify thing again.  I may “wobble” and worry but if I believe in what I have written then that must be the way for me to proceed.  So I await my next delivery of goods and they include our school uniform options.  This is exciting I want to find the name of the ship they are on and make it seem more real.  They will be here in around three weeks.

NOW.  I need to let let schools and companies of the options we can offer them.  They do have quality Fairtrade and organic choices.  I am certain of this as well – this will be the challenge – to ensure they know they have a choice and that we exist.

Challenges.  I like them.