Monthly Archives: October 2010

Peace and Justice – Milton Keynes

We were very pleased to be mentioned in an article for the Peace and Justice Network published in the Milton Keynes Citizen Newspaper.  The city has achieved Fairtrade status but the steering group MK has been working hard to get more commitment from the council.  There are some very committed people in our city –  including “our” Helen who runs a Fairtrade stall two Saturdays a month at Woverton Farmers Market.

Next weekend on October the 30th there will be the One World Fair at Christ Cornerstone Church between 11am and 3pm.  Go along and look at Helens stall and the wonderful array of Fairtrade products.

Fairtrade School Uniform

I have a skip in my step.  Simple things make such a difference.  Finding new ways of doing things here which improve the way we work.  A delivery which excites us.  A new customer with a wonderful design.  Ah happy days.

We had a delivery recently – directly from India full of our top quality aprons made with Fairtrade certified cotton. These are loved by the artisan manufacturer for example making speciality breads, sweets, pies.

Their boxes always arrive literally “stitched” up.  Take a look at the photograph.  There is no chance of these boxes being tampered with.  It’s sort of wonderfully “not mass produced” , so effective and looks very interesting.

I am always childishly pleased when I look at them and open them.  Ahhhh the joys of changing our company into an ethical specialist.

University of Portsmouth Fairtrade Status and Cafe Direct

The university of Portsmouth are a Fairtrade University and we were pleased to supply them with aprons and polo shirts made with Fairtrade certified cotton all embroidered with their logo.

The university is supported by Cafe Direct so we also needed to add their logo which in bright orange was very effective.

Our range expands and interest grows exciting times at Cotton Roots!