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Northampton Business Awards

At our very first attempt at entering for Business awards we became finalists in two categories – Most Enterprising Business and The Environmental Business Award.

So top five in Northamptonshire in two categories.

Everyone chatted long and hard about what they would wear to the ceremony – It was  to be a black tie event.  chocoate fountain, champagne, three course meal, comedian, ceremony and disco.


The team all turned up dressed to the nines looking fabulous.  Here are some of us in the office and at the ceremony.

In the Office
At the Award Ceremony

Inspirational Women

I meet a lot of wonderful women in my world.  It was good to come across this short video of talented women with a few lines of their wisdom.  Courage seems a bit of a theme.

Running Cotton Roots and Impact Trading  is both exciting and challenging.

Sometimes wonderful, and just lately a little daunting.  Now I know I am not supposed to admit that but I think I will not be alone.

However the team here at Cotton Roots are all moving together with our plans and we are making great progress.  We hit a few little speed but we have rode right over them. Ye ha!  So we adapt and change with the times.  It’s not survival of the fittest but survival of the most adaptable (Darwin I think)!  A dash of courage, a pinch of resilience, a splash of stubbornness and inspiration just saunters on in (when you are shattered and least expect it) – just like that.

So take a LOOK, a MOMENT,  and listen to the video below………

Inspirational Women

Walking the Path

I remember well being told the story of “Walking the Path” by a Shaman at Findhorn Foundation in Scotland.  The way he told the story and the message has stayed with me.  I would like to say it has always stayed with me but – no I still have a habit of “falling in the hole”.

Here is the story.  I wish we were sitting around a fire, outside, at night, with a small breeze.  I always find this helps me hear the message.

The perfect learning environment - a fire at night

A person was walking along her path in life.  She does not see the hole in the path ahead and falls in.  She is angry this is not her fault.  Why is she in this hole.  It takes her ages to find a way out of the hole.

She is walking her path. She sees the hole in the path ahead.  She still falls in it.  She is angry even when she sees the hole she still falls in it.  She slowly finds her way out.

She is walking her path. She sees the hole.  She tenativley goes around it.  It is still hard and slow work.

She takes another path.

At the moment I sometimes find myself a bit angry, frustrated, tired.  I think I need to look out for the hole but certainly need to look for that new path.  It may be a small looking path or a very large obvious one.  But it is my path.