City Eco Hotel – Naturally Dyed Uniforms

Fairtrade organic aprons embroidered

The grand open of the new, swish, really, really green, City Eco Hotel takes place on Friday 9th of April in Bournemouth.

We have supplied the hotel with  their catering staff aprons which are not only organic, made with fairtrade cotton, but also dyed organically using plants.  The shipment from India arrived today so we are burning the midnight oil to embroider  the aprons with “The green room” or  The green house”  and make sure we deliver them on time.

Burning the midnight oil is part of running a company and the enjoyment comes when customers are pleased with us and the garments.

We opened the parcels excitedly – as this was the first batch of aprons that we have made especially for our customers – City Eco Hotel and the Eden Project.  It was a nervous few days as the aprons were “Stuck in customs”.  “Stuck in customs” is a phrase that always gives me the collywobbles. It could mean weeks waiting………. I was worried.  But lots of phone calls later and helpful assistance and they were “unstuck” and arrived today.  Hooray!

The hotel staff will also be wearing Fairtrade polo shirts which are unbleached.  This means that the colour is a beautiful oatmeal hue.  We have embroidered the polo shirts with the hotel emblem, a leaf.   They polo shirts are organic and very soft to touch – so of course scrummy to wear.

I am excited and proud that the director of the hotel Sarah Burrows decided to use our uniforms.  We are trying to expand Fairtrade and organic options for customers all the time.  Their hotel motto is “Luxury doesn’t have to cost the earth”. I like it.

So look out for the hotel  if you stay in Bournemouth

MUST get back work embroidering their aprons…….off I go.

Embroidery machine showing "The Green Room" embroidery

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