Organic and Fair trade garments on the BBC

We were delighted to host the BBC Working Lunch team to Cotton Roots and Impact Trading.  It was exciting to be filmed at work and a great boost to us all here.  The reason they wanted to film us was to shouw our ethically sourced aprons, t shirts, polo shirts and hoodies.  They are all either Fairtrade certified or organic garments.

I have been watching various clips on You Tube today showing cotton farmers around the world who are changing to organic and Fairtrade certified cotton.  It was good to take the time to do this. Sometimes when business is tough I have doubt about how much we can invest into making this side of our business work.  However watching these short films make me quietly more determined and somehow believing that it is not only the right decision for our suppliers in India but one that will be be a good one for us.  It will need us to continue to go on ordering stock and believing.  Call it a hunch or instinct I am still going along the path we have chosen.  Just writing this in the blog, remembering the BBC here and all the telephone calls we have had from customers pleased to have found us makes it “stick” more in my mind.

You can view the feature from the BBC Working Lunch here – BBC and Cotton Roots

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