Spare Fairtrade Polo Shirts – Free

We have around 30 white children’s polo shirts, all Fairtrade certified available free of charge. The collars a “shade” whiter than the rest of the garment. You can see it in a certain light but don’t even notice in others. Still they don’t reach our quality standards for school uniform – so if you are a charity, or a not for profit organisation give me a call and we will send them to you.

2 thoughts on “Spare Fairtrade Polo Shirts – Free

  1. Dear sir / madam.

    I run a social action charity helping over 2000+ families per yer part of our program is passing on school uniform to socially deprived homes.

    If you had any of these polo shirts left or others in stock, we would apprieciate you considering us for donation, I know it will make a massive difference into the lives of needy families.

    Kind regards

    Nigel Williams
    Anode Connect Director

  2. Hello Nigel
    Great to hear of your charity. We do have some of the Fairtrade certified polo shirts left and would be delighted to donate them to you. We do have on occasion, other garments that are slight seconds, but they are embroidered with the school logo’s. If these would be of use to you we will collect these throughout the year fro you. Just let me know.
    In the meantime I will look on your website and find your address so that I can dispatch these off to you tomorrow.
    Best wishes with you excellent charity.

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