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Captain of Our Ship


"We can't direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails"



Susan leads her merry band of people each day in an adventure of creativity, harmony and discovery.  Loves being surrounded by talented people who are kind and fair. With her team and our customers she believes she has that.

Susan enjoys adventurous sailing and is about to embark on a half circumnavigation of 22,000 nautical miles while her team take the helm for a change.

Lead singer in a local band and lover of the mandolin.  But has never sung at work!


Susan Waters Director Impact TradingSusan Waters Director Impact Trading


Tina – Our very own Tina Turner

Tina has been with Impact Trading and Cotton Roots for 7 years and came from a background in team management and coaching which means she is perfectly placed as the office manager and looks after everyone. 

In the past Tina has volunteered with the Samaritans which clearly demonstrates her caring nature.

In her spare time Tina has a love for cars and has recently taken up sewing, her first big project was to take up some curtains and she completed the task successfully.  Now we need to make sure the design team don’t steal her!



The Big 3

  • If you need a catch line – Tina’s your lady (today’s was ‘Healthy Human’)
  • She can be ready for a photo shoot in under 30 seconds
  • Ritz Cracker Connoisseur!

Ros – Our bundle of joy!

It’s strangely quiet when Ros isn’t in, I think it’s fair to say that she is the loudest person in the team!

Ros has been at Impact Trading and Cotton Roots for 10 years and we would be lost without her laughter.

She studied Fashion, Design and Manufacture at Northampton University and specialised in women’s wear. She has a passion for Dior’s New Look 1940’s style.

At Impact Trading and Cotton Roots, Ros plays a big part in the embroidery team which involves advice on sizing of logos, positioning frames and running and servicing the machines, but her talents don’t end there because she also studied photography so image shots, videoing and editing are also things she gets involved with.

Ros is also handy with the sewing machine and has a whole host of dress making behind her, this is very handy for the Design team who sometimes borrow her.

The Big 3

  • Hands down the happiest person we know!
  • If you need a hand Ros always says yes!
  • No need for Shazam, Ros always knows the song and the singer

Liz – The Great Tea Drinker

Liz started her career in British Manufacturing in 1991 when she studied fashion and tailoring at The London College of Fashion followed by fashion and marketing at Central St Martins. She then went on to work as Head of Design at corporate wear company De Baer based in London.

Working at Impact Trading and Cotton Roots for over 3 years, Liz has played a big part in developing the design team who work with customers to design and manufacture UK bespoke aprons. 

Liz has a huge passion for tea and cake which means she is perfectly suited to work in the design team with Katt who loves to provide such things.



The Big 3

  • Liz will take you off into a fantasy land of Country Living at a moments notice
  •  No one else makes the offer of tea feel like such a treat
  •  Never lets anything get her down!

Kelly – The Big Idea

Kelly is one of the youngest members of team at Impact Trading and Cotton Roots and has come to us from college where she studied fashion and clothing.

Joining the team over 2 years ago, Kelly was brought in to run our dispatch department, however she was quickly whisked away to the embroidery department where she has become our newest star.

In her spare time, Kelly has done lots of dressmaking and she is a stickler for precision which we just love at Impact Trading and Cotton Roots.


The Big 3

  • Just when you think you have covered everything - Kelly has a big idea!
  • The most admired lunches of all the team
  • Kelly takes enough sugar in her coffee for all of us!

Emily – The Green Queen

Emily has been at Impact Trading for just over a year and works in the office looking after customers. Specialising in our ethical and sustainable products, Emily is always encouraging us to reuse and recycle where possible. The local preschool loves her donations of cotton reels, cardboard and fabric leftovers from our production area.

Previously working in digital marketing and sales for an online retailer who sells UK made products, Emily is huge advocate of our UK made aprons, and she is a great enthusiast of social media and marketing.

In her spare time Emily is a keen crafter and recently completed a quilt, it only took her 4 years to finish!



The Big 3

  • Most likely person in the team to be on the naughty step
  • Comedy Genius (The Vicar of Dibley and Miranda combined!)
  • An all-round Healthy Human

Ruth – The Gladiator Princess

Ruth is the newest member of the team and joined us just over 18 months ago. She studied business management at Aston University and since then has worked as a senior merchandiser for an underwear supplier and as a production manager at a clothing brand.

At Impact Trading and Cotton Roots, Ruth works with all our suppliers and in such a short time has already become a human database of information.

In her spare time she goes to the gym and is currently training for the wolf run, we think she is mad! Ruth grew up on a farm so she is very at home at Rose Lane Farm where we are based.

The Big 3

  • Ruth has a buffet drawer with snacks but they are normally more of the healthy variety
  • If you need to know anything about a product, Ruth is your lady
  • Ruth juggles ordering and returns in a way that makes our head spin

We are composed of the exact same atomic
matter as the mightiest mountains on this
planet and the brightest stars in the galaxy
Bradley Greive - The meaning of life

Cotton Roots


The T shirts have arrived! They look fantastic. These will go like hot cakes. My compliments to the chef....!

Nigel - Cardiff Rivers Group

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Cotton Roots is an established supplier of clothing which has an emphasis on quality garments alongside strong ethical and sustainable manufacture.

We believe in our motto “Company clothing with moral fibre”.

Each garment clearly shows any certifications each product has - just look at the icons above each image in the catalogue. We passionately support the principles of Fairtrade and are Fairtrade licensees ourselves.

Our Fairtrade, organic, Fair Wear, Fair Labour , sustainable range of clothing includes:- polo shirts, t shirts, jackets, fleece, aprons, caps shirts and blouses.

The branding of your garments with your company or organisations logo is part of our expertise. Top quality sustainably sourced thread is used. Where ever possible we use good quality water based inks for screen printed design.

Our blog gives an insight into the manufacture of our own brand Cotton Roots from the cotton farmer in India right through the delivery to our customers.


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